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Mobiles S T E R E O - PA System ALTO Pro-Audio

STEREO Full-range Compact Portable Sound System+MP3 Player

 Mixer Section 

  • Microphone / Line Input.
    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 22 kHz +/-2dB
  • Microphone Input Impedance: 3.9 kΩ.
  • Line Input Impedance: 10 kΩ.
  • Microphone Input S/N ratio: >100 dBu.
  • Microphone Input s: Electronically Balanced
                                    Discrete Input Configuration.
  • Line Inputs: Electronically Balanced.
  • Inputs Distortion (THD&N): 0.02% At 1 kHz.
  • Channel EQ: High shelving +/-15dB @12 kHz.
                          Low shelving +/- 15dB @80 kHz.
  • Aux Send: 1 with paths for DSP internal section, external DSP section and Monitor Out.
  • DSP Section: 24-bit HALL,ROOM, VOCAL,PLATE,STEREO DELAY, REV + DELAY, and REV+CHORUS combinations.
  • Master Section: Master Level knob, 4 LEDs level meter DSP Return level.
  • System Type: 2-way Coax Vented Box.
  • Frequency Response: 65Hz-20kHz @-10dB.
  • Spherical Horn Coverage: 70H° X 70V°.
  • Continuous Power: 150W AES Standard (each speaker).
  • Peak Power: 300W Peak (each speaker).
  • Protection: Electronic circuit on driver.
  • Speaker specifications: 10"(254mm). Low Frequency Driver/
                                          2'(50.8mm).Voice Coil
                                          1"(25.4mm).Neodymium High
  • Input connectors: Power Input with mono Jack.

  • Power Continuous 1kHz, THD 1%:  2 × 200W @ 4Ω, 2 x 110W @ 8Ω
  • POWER EIAJ 1KHz, THD 1%:  2 × 250W @ 4Ω, 2 x 130W @ 8 Ω

MP3 Section(OPTION)

  • USB HOST : Builds in the USB FULL speed (12Mbps) HOST 
                        control function
                        Supports the USB mass storage class 
  • FAT analysis : Supports FAT 16 and FAT 32, Supports VFAT
                           (long file name), Supports multi-partion up to 1
  • MP3 DECODE : Supports sample rates 8kHz, 32kHz, 
                              11.025kHz,  22.05kHz, 44.1kHz, 12kHz, 24kHz, and 48kHz. 
                              Supports bit rate 8 to 320 kbps and VBR (Variable Bi  Rate) except free format 
  • Electric Specification : Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz 
                                        Output level: 0dB 
                                        S/N Ratio: Å„90dB 
                                        Distortion (at 1kHz): <0.05% 

 Output Master EQ (OPTION)  

  • 9-bandsÅ{/Å|12dB@ (63, 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16kHz)